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nsh turbine oil regeneration recycling purifier machine

nsh turbine oil regeneration recycling purifier machine
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oil regeneration oil filtration
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sino-nsh oil purification system manufacture

NanQiaoSi, JiangBei District, Chongqing China 
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William Ho(sales manager) 
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Application TF series oil filtration plant is particularly suitable for recycling turbine lubricating oil.It also applys to treat hydraulic, coolant oil and other lubrication in which contain large of water, vapor, impurities, sludge, dielectric and colloid.It can eliminate them effectively and efficiently. TF series will result in the improvement of the properties of turbine oil, other lubrication and extend the maintenance period of turbine or other equipment which has lubrication system and keep them operate in good condition. Description TF turbine oil purifier series is developed by vacuum evaporation technology, coacervation technology, coalescing technology, separating engineering technology and refined purification technology. It can eliminate water, gas, impurities, colloid, dielectric etc. rapidly and effectively in high vacuum situation and make the waste oil reuse. The lubrication of turbine or other equipments which has lubrication system need be replaced frequently because of vapor, water and other impurities mixed with it. Otherwise, oil deterioration would result in breakdown of machinery or affect the normal running of machinery. TF series can effectively extend the lifetime of oil and protect turbine and other machinery which has lubrication system from damage. Other Product Catalogue Insulation Oil Series VFD Double-Stage High-Efficiency Vacuum Insulation Oil Purifier VFD-A Double-Stage Vacuum Insulation Oil Automation Filtration VFD-R Double-Stage Vacuum Insulation Oil Regeneration Purification VFD-T Double-Stage Vacuum Insulation Oil Purifier with Tester GER Gas Engine Oil Regeneration System Turbine Oil series TF Turbine Oil Recondition TF-A Turbine Oil Automation Reclamation TF-R Turbine Oil Regeneration Reclaiming Lubrication Oil series LV Lubrication Oil Filtration LV-A Lubrication Oil Automation Filtering LV-R Lubrication Oil Regeneration Filter Flame-resistant Oil series FV Flame-resistant Oil Recycling FV-A Flame-resistant Oil Automation Recycle Explosion-proof series EV Explosion-proof Vacuum Purifier EV-A Explosion-proof Vacuum Purifier EP Explosion-proof Precision Filtering Purifier EP-A Explosion-proof Precision Filtering Purifier sinonsh22@163.com msn:sinonsh22@hotmail.com Your inquiries are highly welcome at any time, we are ready to make a response during workdays.

sino-nsh oil purification system manufacture

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