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ef - electrostatic oil purifier filter machine

ef - electrostatic oil purifier filter machine
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sino-nsh oil purifier manufacture company

Jiangbei District, Chongqing China 
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Elena Chan(Sales Manager) 
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we are the manufacture of oil purifier/filter/recycling/refinery, centrifugal separator, air drying system, water treatment, distillation plant, Electrostatic Oil Purification Systems,Fire resistant oil purifier. Electrostatic oil filtrating systems (EF series) filtrate hydraulic liquids and other lubricating oils from machines. It is more powerful than mechanical filters. EF series remove sub-micron particles to prevent the build-up of insoluble that form into a brown, sticky sludge on machine components Benefits by Use of Electrostatic Oil Filtrating Systems •On line removal of contamination from oil down to 0.02 microns. • Removes smaller particulate (ie. Carbon, Sludge,Dust, Rust, Oxidised matter) from any non-conductive fluid. • Low operating cost. Requires no supervision during operation. • Improves life of hydraulic and other lubricating oils. Reduces maintenance down time. •Improves life of your Machine. Significantly reduced overall costs. Principle Of Electrostatic Oil Filtrating Systems It operates on electrostatic principle when oil is made to flow in the electric field which is generated on the electrodes made of stainless steel. These electrodes are covered with di-electric media (collectors). The EF’s unique design permits it to take advantage of the natural charge that each contaminant contains. Contaminants that have a positive charge are drawn towards a negative plate, while those with an inherent negative charge are drawn toward positive plate neutral contaminants are drawn and deposited by gradient force to the edge of the collectors where the intensity of the deform electric field is strongest. The sub micronic contaminants removed by EF can be metallic, nonmetallic, organic, inorganic (such as Carbon, sludge dust, rust, oxidation matter etc.) My email:sinonsh808(at)sino-purification.com

sino-nsh oil purifier manufacture company

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