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used oil vacuum distillation equipment

used oil vacuum distillation equipment
US$100000 /set
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distillation machine base oil new oil
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sino-nsh oil purifier manufacture company

Jiangbei District, Chongqing China 
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transformer oil purifier centrifugal separator insulating oil purifier  
Elena Chan(Sales Manager) 
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we are the manufacture of oil purifier/filter/recycling/refinery, centrifugal separator, air drying system, water treatment, distillation plant, Electrostatic Oil Purification Systems,Fire resistant oil purifier. My email:sinonsh808(at)sino-purification.com Description There are non-hydrocarbon, alkene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, metal hydronium, impurities, metal particles, asphaltene and colloid etc. harmful materials existed in used oil. These harmful substances are mutually as initiator, providing reagent and catalyst to each other. They’re oxidating, polymerizing under light, certain temperature, oxygen, the invariability of oil is destroyed and the oil appear as dark color and depositing. Our company developed a kind of alkalic composite catalyst, in the process all the harmful substances are selectively treated under catalysis. They are polymerizing, shielding, passivating and then discharged as residues to have destabilizing factors removed from oil to produce qualified base oil. This technology is different from traditional sulfuric acid distillation treatment and hydrotreatment. The residue produced by traditional distillation treatment technology is very harmful to environment. And the recycled oil from traditional process has odour and easy oxidation. Our process is firstly catalyze the used oil including gasoline, diesel, gas engine oil, diesel engine oil, and other lube oil no matter mineral or synthetic, then distill under vacuum to make high quality regenerated base oil without secondary pollution. This technology is high automatic; the operation is easy, no complicate operation control, low labor intensity only 1-2 persons required.

sino-nsh oil purifier manufacture company

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