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toshiba motor

toshiba motor
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toshiba high votage motor high votage motor toshiba motor
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electric motors dept, chengdu asset machinery co.,ltd.

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Toshiba High Votage motor
The models of Toshiba High Votage motor we can supply as follows:

1004FCAK11A-A    F4502VLG3JF
1003FCAK11B-A    4503FTQL11F-A
1006FCAK11B-A    F5004VLF3JF
1254FCAK11A-A    5003WTAK11F-A
1253FCAK11B-A    6004WPAK11E-A
1256FCAK11B-A    7006FTAL11E-A
1506FCAK11A-A    F7004VLF3JM
1503FCAK11B-A    7006WPAK11E-C
1504FCAK11B-A    8003WTQL11F-C
2004FCAK11A-A    8006WTAL11E-C
2508FTAL11E-A    9003TCAL11F-C
F2502VLG3JF    9005WPQL11E-C
F2504VLF3JF    M205WPQL11E-C
3008FTAL11E-A    M206WTAL11E-A
3004FTAL11E-C    M253WPQL11F-C
3003FCAK11B-A    M255WTAL11E-C
3508FTAL11E-A    M305WTAL11E-C
3504FCAK11A-A    M305WTQL11E-C
3504FTAL11E-C    M353WPQL11F-A
F4008VLF3JM    M353WTAL11F-C
M403WPAL11F-C    M353WTQL11F-C

Other brand of Motor we can supply as follows:
Mabuchi, Toshiba, Hitachi, Siemens,  Maxon, GE,  GENERAL ELECTRIC,  WEG,  AXI, Bodine, Emerson,  FASCO,  A.O.Simith,  Badolor, Dayton,  ABB , Brook Corporation, Tech-westinghouse,  Kawasaki, Pittman, etc.

Other type of Motor we can supply as follows:
DC Motor ,  AC motor,  High voltage motor,  Low Voltage Motor,  Pump motor,  Gear Motor,  Servo motor, Synchronous Motors,  Asynchronous Motor, Synchronous Motor,  Condenser Fan Motor,  Bearing Motor,  Single phase motor, 3-phase motor, Hydraulic Motor,  explosive-proof motor etc.

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