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5052 aluminum alloy cold drawn tube

5052 aluminum alloy cold drawn tube
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5052 aluminum alloy tubing
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shanghai tri-trust industrial co.,ltd

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aluminum-alloy drawn seamless aluminum profiles forging parts  
Zhang Wei 
Product Details

Aluminum 5052-0 Drawn Seamless Round Tube


O.D max. : 70mm / 2.76"

Mechanical Properties

Ultimate Tensile Strength 33,000 psi
Yield Strength 28,000 psi
Brinell Hardness 60
Elongation 12% in 2
Machinibility and Weldability
5052-H32 has a machinability rating of 88% when compared to 2011 at 100%.
5052-H32 can be readily welded using all the common welding techniques. 5052 has the best welding characteristics of all the aluminums.

5052-0 Drawn Seamless Round Tube Chemistry

Al 95.7-97.7
Cr 0.15-0.35
Cu 0.1
Fe 0.4
Mg 2.2-2.8
Mn 0.1


5052-0 aluminum alloy tubing is used for low and medium pressure hydraulic systems, fuel lines and oil lines. This tubing will withstand a higher pressure than 3003-0 tubing.


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