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18watt t8 led tube with built-in emergency & motion sensor

18watt t8 led tube with built-in emergency & motion sensor
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zhongshan allmay tech lighting co., ltd.

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18Watt T8 LED Tube with Built-in Emergency & Motion Sensor

This easy fit T8 Emergency LED tube comes with built in battery and motion sensor It has been designed with a new heat sink in order to solve heat problems with high output products, and also has high efficiency LED light performance and advanced durability case protection.

1. Multi – functional LED tube: compared with traditions emergency lights, emergency + sensor LED tubes not only can be used as general lighting, but also are used as microwave sensor or PIR sensor and emergency lights. One tube with multi – functions. 

2. Built – in Lithium battery and driver: easy installation and saving labour cost. 

3. Lithium battery: longer life time, green and over 1,000 times charging – discharging. 

4. Fire – resisting sleeves:  high temperature resistant, thermal-insulation, inflaming retarding & anti climate aging much prolong tubes life time.


Built-in Lithium battery and driver

Both mains supply and battery supply operation LED Emergency lighting

Fire-resistant, high temperature resistant, thermal-insulation, anti-climate aging probongs tubes lifetime.

140 minutes at 3W by battery supply in emergency;

Lithium battery: longer lifetime, over 500 times charging- discharging

2 years warranty

Life time: >30000 hours

Index LED Tube 600mm LED Tube 1200mm Power 9w 18w LED Type 2835 SMD 2835 SMD Input Voltage 85-265vac 85-265vac Light decay <15% at 10,000 hours <15% at 10,000 hours Beam angle 120° 120° CRI     70 70 Working temperature -20℃~50℃ -20℃~50℃ Emergency time 140 minutes 140 minutes Emergency Power 3W 3W Battery capacity     Lithium 2000mAh     Lithium 2000mAh    Charging time 6 hours 6 hours Reflector / Diffuser Frosted diffuser Frosted diffuser

Microwave Sensor Function

When people or car come, the tube light will automatically turn on and keep 100% light for 18-25s When people or car leave, the tube light will turn to 30% brightness.


zhongshan allmay tech lighting co., ltd.

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