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powder chopped strand mat emc225 for general purpose p04(0.75 oz)

powder chopped strand mat emc225 for general purpose p04(0.75 oz)
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shenzhen boye engineering technology co.ltd

22F Guoqi Building,Shangbu Rd.,Futian District,Shenzhen,518031,P.R.China 
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e-glass rovings chopped strand mats woven roving  
Eric Lee 
Product Details
Chopped Strand Mats  
E-Glass Powder Chopped Strand Mat is made of randomly distributed chopped strands held together by a powder binder. It is compatible with UP, VE, EP, PF resins. The roll width ranges from 50mm to 3120mm. Additional demands on wet-out and decomposition time may be available upon request.
Chopped Strand Mats EMC225/P04 (0.75oz)
General Purpose
P04 Powder Chopped Strand Mat is made of randomly distributed chopped E6 glass strands held together by an powder binder.
P04 is compatible with unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy and phenolic resins.
P04 is designed for use in hand lay-up, filament winding, compression molding and continuous laminating processes. This mat is also known as EMC225 (grams).
Technical Parameters
Type of Glass:
E6 glass strands
•  Compatible with multiple resin
Area Weight:
± 7.5
ISO 3374
Type of Fiberglass:
Chopped Strand Mat (EMC)
Resin Compatibility
•  Epoxy (EP)
•  Phenolic resin
•  Unsaturated polyester
•  Vinyl ester
Moisture Content (%):
≤ 0.20
ISO 3344
0.75 oz. per sq/ft or 225 or 225 grams per sq/M
Size Content (%):
4.5 (1 ± 31)
ISO 1887
Widths Available:
38" or 965 mm
50" or 1270 mm
60" or 1524 mm
•  Automotive parts
•  Boats/yachts
•  Building components
•  Chemical corrosion resistant pipes
•  Cooling towers
•  Tanks
Breakage Strength (N/tex):
≥ 90
ISO 3341
Most Common Sizes:
Hand Lay-Up Process  
Hand Lay-up is an open molding process. The reinforcement, in form of fiberglass strands, mat, or woven roving, is first laid into a mold which has been coated with a release agent and a gel coat. Then a resin mix is applied by hand, using a brush or spray gun. A roller is then used to ensure uniform impregnation, complete wet-out and removal of any trapped air bubbles.
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shenzhen boye engineering technology co.ltd

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