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chopped strands 558 for phenolic resins

chopped strands 558 for phenolic resins
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shenzhen boye engineering technology co.ltd

22F Guoqi Building,Shangbu Rd.,Futian District,Shenzhen,518031,P.R.China 
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e-glass rovings chopped strand mats woven roving  
Eric Lee 
Product Details
Chopped Strands for BMC  
Chopped Strands for BMC are compatible with unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resins. The end-use applications include transportation, building & construction, electronic & electrical, mechanical, and light industry.
Chopped Strands 558
for Phenolic Resins
Chopped Strands 558 are specifically designed to reinforce phenolic resins.Coated with a silane-based sizing chopped strands 558 have excellent dry flowability and good dispersion. 558 is designed for use in compression molding processes and used to manufacture various brake shoe facings, clutch facings and friction plates.
Type of Glass:
E-Glass (E)
Excellent flowability
Excellent mechanical properties
Excellent processing properties
Good dispersion
Good strand integrity
Low fuzz
Low static
Filament Diameter (%):
± 10
ISO 1888
Type of Fiberglass:
Chopped Strands (CS)
Moisture Content (%):
≤ 0.10
ISO 3344
Chop Length:
3,6,12 mm
Filament Diameter:
13 microns
Size Content (%):
0.85± 0.15
ISO 1887
Resin Compatibility: 
• Phenolic resin
Most Common Sizes:
Brake shoe facings
Clutch facings
Friction plates
Chop Length (mm):
± 1.0
Q/JS J0361
Bulk Molding Compound (BMC) process  
Bulk Molding Compound (BMC) is a bulk pre-preg made by combining chopped glass strands, resin (typically polyester), filler, catalyst and other additives. The final mix and homogenization is made in different types of kneeders / mixers. BMC is compacted and packed in styrene tight bags in variable size, fitting all UP injection moulding machines stuffer units. BMC delivers excellent electrical resistance, good mechanical properties and outstanding heat and corrosion resistance. BMC is suitable for several processes, including Compression and Injection Molding. It is used in automotive, electrical & electronics, aerospace and defense applications.
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shenzhen boye engineering technology co.ltd

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